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Summer Camps 2022

Camps 2021

Team MayerVirtanen

Finland ・germany

We both love our sport figure skating and still enjoy to skate. We wanna share our passion with others. It´s a beautiful and amazing sport. In our camps we share our knowledge with the support of other international coaches to our participants. 💓

Alina Mayer-Virtanen

Heart and soul of our team Alina Mayer-Virtanen is Master of science in psychology. She was skating by herself for 24 years and represented Germany. The last few years of her skating career she skated at the international level in single skating. Alina is coaching single skating since 2013 in Oberstdorf, Germany and in Finland since 2017 as well. Since one year she is full-time living in Finland and coaching, she is the head coach of Peurunka Skating Academy Laukaa.

"Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going." - (Chantal Sutherland)

Valtter Virtanen

Valtter has participated in several European and World Championships in single skating. He is 5 - times finnish national champion and won 14 medals at senior finnish national championships. Valtter works part-time as a doctor for Keski-Suomen keskussairaala and Seppälääkärit in Jyväskylä. But his main focus is still on figure skating. His big goal is to skate the Olympics 2022.

"The joy of sport takes you far." (Valtter Virtanen)

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beautiful lake finland

Set by Lake Peurunka, this sport institute offers great sport, spa and aqua park facilities, a private sandy beach area and fine dining. Laukaa is within 5 minutes’ drive, while Jyväskylä is about 30 km away.

Peurungan Jäähalli

Ice rink

Peurungan Jäähalli is located just about 200 metres from hotel area.

Check out the Arena

Äänekosken Jäähalli

Ice rink

Äänekosken Jäähalli is located in Suolahti. Suolahti is around 40 km up to the north of Jyväskylä.

Check out the Arena

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