Warmly welcome

We would like to warmly invite you to our Figure skating summer camps 2024 in Peurunka, in Central Finland. For the athletes, we are offering different practice packages for different levels.

We have following groups:

  1. Junior / Senior (minimum 2 A & 1-2 triple jumps)
  2. Intermediate novice / Advanced novice until 15 years (minimum all double jumps and working on 2 A & triple jumps)
  3. Junior B / Senior B (double jumps & working on 2 A & triple jumps)
  4. Basic Novice / Novice B / Junior C (double Jumps & working on 2 A & triple jumps)
  5. Chicks / Novice C (single jumps, axel and practicing /or including double jumps)
  6. Beginners until age of 10 years (only single jumps and/or including single axel and practicing double jumps)
  7. Hobby/ Beginners 10 years and older (only single jumps and/or including single axel and practicing double jumps)


Duration & amount of the practice per week

Group 1 – 5:

  • Technique on ice, includes steps and spins (10 x 50 min.)
  • Skating Skills / Expression (5 x 50 min.)
  • Dancing / ballet / dance workout (4 x 50 min.)
  • Athletics (5 x 50 min.)
  • Body recovery / Stretching / Yoga (4 x 50 min.)

Group 6-7:

  • Technique on ice, includes steps and spins (11 x 50 min.)
  • Dancing / ballet / dance workout (4 x 50 min.)
  • Athletics (5 x 50 min.)

The size of the groups for technique training on ice, will be max. 6 athletes per coach. The minimum size of each group is 4. If there are fewer than 4 entries, we can not offer that group for that week(s).

Prices per group:

Group 1 -5:

  • 1 Week: 575,00 €
  • 2 Weeks: 1.100,00 €
  • 3 Weeks: 1.575,00 €

Group 6-7:

  • 1 Week: 420,00 €
  • 2 Weeks: 800,00 €
  • 3 Weeks: 1.140,00 €

The prices include 100€ registration fee (non-refundable) which will be charged directly after the entry form has been sent.

If you are interested in all 6 weeks (3 weeks in June and 3 weeks in July) contact us directly for a special offer.

In addition, we are offering following:

Extra offers:

  • Extra Ice/Patch / per day (just possible with a coach) + extra Coaching / Choreography costs (50 min./ 10,00 €)
  • Private Coaching on ice and off-ice (You can book this during the camp) (50 min./The price depends on the coach (50,00€ – 110,00€) excl. 10,00 € for the extra ice).
  • Extra Off-Ice at the group (Stretching, Body recover etc.) (50 min./ 10,00 €)

Choreography is possible with Monica Lindfors (from Debytantit/intermediate Novice to SM-Seniorit/Seniors) and with Pipsa Tuppela (from Beginners to intermediate Novice).

Important information

Registration and billing

The 100€ registration fee is non-refundable in any cases. By paying the registration fee the registration is confirmed. The registration fee will be reduced from the total camp price. The final camp invoice will be sent in the beginning of March 2024 . If the registration has been done after 1.3.2024 the camp invoice including the registration fee will be sent immediately after the registration. IF THE CAMP INVOICE IS NOT PAYED UNTIL THE PAYMENT DEADLINE, THE ORGANIZER RESERVES THE RIGHT TO GIVE THE PLACE TO NEXT SKATER!


Accommodation and meals are not included in the camp price and they can be booked separately.

We get some special offer from Peurunka Spa Hotel www.peurunka.fi, bookings over peurunka@peurunka.fi


All athletes must purchase health insurance (in the case you get injured or ill) for the camp. In addition, we recommend acquiring travel insurance as well which would cover the costs in case of cancellation due to injury. Please contact your own insurance companies.


The organizer is not held liable for you or your health on or off the ice. All skaters who are under the age of 18 years should travel with a parent or guardian. For emergency cases, we have a doctor, MD-PhD Valtter Virtanen, in the camp. He will take care of the first aid if something happens to you during the practice sessions and will bring you to the closest hospital, if necessary.

Cancellation Policy:

  1. The 100€ registration fee is non-refundable in any cases.
  2. In case of cancellation, a written form is required.
  3. We will charge 50% of the booking when the written cancellation is done 01.03. – 31.03.2024. After 01.04.2024 we will charge 100% of the booking.
  4. We will not re-fund your payments if you get injured or sick, for this use your travel or extra health insurance .
  5. For private coaching we will charge 100% of the booked patch and coaching fee if the cancellation occurs later than 48 hours before the planed session.
  6. Once the camp has started, there are no refunds possible anymore ( Participants who are sent home due inapropriate behavior, or leaving the camp because of illness, are not eligible for a refund).

Other information

If you have allergies or medical conditions, please let us know. Your data will be treated confidentially.

There is also a possibility to book massage and physiotherapy in the camp. Please contact us directly.

Skating equipment and sharpening.

Entry deadline for the camp has been extended to 30.04.2024.


Best of the best

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great at whatever they want to do.” — Kobe Bryant

Alina Mayer-Virtanen

Figure Skating coach

Alina Mayer-Virtanen is Master of Science in psychology. She was skating by herself for 24 years and represented Germany. The last few years of her skating career she skated at the international level in single skating. Alina is coaching single skating since 2013 in Oberstdorf-Germany and in Finland since 2017 as well. For the season 2022 & 2023 Alina is one of the responsible coaches for the area Middle-Finland and East Finland.

She speaks German, English and a bit of Finnish. 😉

Lorenzo Magri

Figure Skating coach

Born (at the moment just available from 02. – 07.06.2024) in 1979 in Bologna, he has trained numerous athletes (for example Daniel Grassl, Ekaterina Kurakova) representing many different federations at international competitions: Junior Championships and Senior Championships, for both Europe and the World. He coached top World level skaters who were medallists at ISU Championships as well as ISU Junior and Senior Grand Prix, Challengers and International Competitions. He is IV European Level Coach CONI (Italian Olympic Committee), he has Degree in Architecture, Industrial Design (Politecnico Milano) and Sport Science. He is ISU Technical Specialist for Singles and Pairs as well as ISU Data Replay Operator. He took part in the organization of Olympics, ISU and FISU Championships, he’s creative director and choreographer of several international Galas and TV Shows. He is teaching at the University and Schools Sport Marketing and Management, Sport Science and Coaching Preparation.

Lorenzo speaks Italian, Spanish, French and English.😉


Tatyana Lebedeva

Figure Skating coach

(at the moment just available from 02. – 07.06.2024) 😉 Tatyana has medical doctor education from Perm Univeristy and has been working seven years as doctor. She has also graduated as sport teacher/ coach. She has done all three coaching educations from Finnish Figure Skating Association and has been chosen as coach for the regional team camps for the season 2022-2023. She has skaters in Finnish National team and has been in Junior Worlds and in Europeans with her skater.

She speaks Finnish, Russian and a bit of English.

Marco Saracino

Ice Dance/technique coach

( just available from 02. – 07.06.2024) Marco Saracino is a former ice dancer and has been represented both Finland and Italy. He has been training both in Milan and in Tatjana Tarasova’s famous ice dance school in Moscow with the worlds best ice dancers. Marco has been coaching since 2004 and he has been working with ice dancers, single skaters and synchronised skaters. He had also been technical specialist in ice dance. Because of his background Marco is a master of technique and skating position. In his class you will learn new ways to improve your skating and step technique.

He speaks Finnish, Italian and English.

Viveca Lindfors

Figure Skating Coach

Viveca (just available from 09.-14.06.24) is working as a coach since 2020 in two different clubs and was part of several camps.

She won the bronze medal at the Europeans 2019. She won the Nordics championships 2018 and is the Finnish champion 2019.

Viveca speaks, finnish, english and a bit of russian.

Elina Ikonen

Figure Skating coach & Choreograph

Elina will be at the camp from 16.-21.06.2024.

Elina “Ella” (represented Finnish National Team during her skating career. Her best achievements was 3rd in the Junior National Championships 2004 and 3rd in the Nordics senior ladies 2006. She graduated from Varala Sports College as a Sport Advisor 2009 and after that she has been a professional Figure Skating Coach. She is currently working for her sixth year in Etelä-Vantaan Taitoluistelijat ry. Elina is also a Technical Specialist and a choreographer. She has worked over 10 years as a choreographer, for example with Anni Järvenpää, Jenni Saarinen and Nella Pelkonen.

She speaks Finnish and English.

Valtter Virtanen

Team Doctor and Allrounder

Valtter has participated in several European and World Championships in single skating. Valtter works part-time as a doctor in Terveystalo  Jyväskylä. But his main focus is still on figure skating. He is also the team doctor of JYP ice hockey team.

Valtter Virtanen will support the team as well.

Valtter speaks Finnish, English, German and Swedish.

Isabella Piippo

Figure skating coach

Isabella has competed in figure skating over ten years. She is the assistant coach of Alina Mayer-Virtanen at Peurunka Skating Academy Laukaa. She also coached earlier during her own career.

Isabella speaks Finnish and English

Pipsa Tuppela


She (just available from 09.-21.6.24) is a dance teacher who graduated as Master of Arts at the Theatre School of Helsinki in 2017. She is working with figure skaters in different clubs around Finland, on- and off ice, sharing her passion for music and movement after her own figure skating hobby turned into professional dancing career. In her dance lessons focus is on holistic teaching methods and finding positive pedagogy ways to bring the best out of every athlete. She is mainly doing choreographies for Beginner until intermediate novice.

Of course you can book her like every coach in our camp for privat sessions.

Pipsa speaks Finnish, Swedish and English.

Monica Lindfors


Monica had a career in both ice dance and single skating. In singles she competed up to junior level and in ice dance she achieved a medal in Finnish championships and participated in junior world championships.

She started her career as a choreographer in 2017 and has choreographed programs for skaters competing up to senior level including skaters of the finnish national team. She also works as a coach specializing in skating skills.

Monica is currently studying architecture at the University of Oulu.

Monica speaks Finnish and English.

Johanna Matthies

Dance teacher

Johanna Matthies (just available from 02.-07.06.24) is a dance teacher, dancer and choreographer currently working at Jyväskylä Educational Consortium Gradia. She has BA in dance pedagogy (Stockholm University of the Arts 2012) and a Subject Teachers Degree in dance (BA/Karlstad University 2017). Year 2013 she studied at Peridance Capezio Dance Center in New York. Currently she is studying at the MA program for contemporary dance didactics at SKH/Stockholm University of the Arts.

Johanna has worked internationally as a dancer, teacher and choreographer. She was also head teacher in ballet and ballet pedagogics at the Karlstad University 2017-2018.

She is fluent in Finnish, German, English and Swedish.


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