Team MayerVirtanen would like to introduce you our full-time and part-time students 2019/2020.

We are super proud of each of you.

Alina and Valtter

“It doesn’t matter what your background is and where you come from, if you have dreams and goals, that’s all that matters.”

(Serena Williams, professional tennis player)

Valtter Virtanen

International skater in Seniors (FIN).

Valtter Virtanen is 5 times finnish national champion.

He is national team member and represented Finland in 7 European and 3 World championships.

Elli Kaila

National skater in Seniors (FIN).

Elli is planning to skate Senior A next season.

Penni Passi

National skater in Juniorit (FIN).

Penni qualified 2018 for the gold final in Debs.

After that she was not competing for two years, because of injury.


Inka Mäenpää

National skater in Advanced novice (FIN)

Inka qualified last season for the Gold final in Debs.


Aada Reitti

National skater in Advanced novice (FIN)

Aada qualified for the novice gold final this season.


Fanni Reitti

National skater in Silmut A (FIN).


Hilma Takala

National skater in Aluedebytanti (FIN).


Erika Sabour

National skater in Minit (FIN).


Emilia Sabour

National skater (FIN).

Emilia is not skating competitions yet.

Korbinian Steinsailer

National skater (GER).

Korbinian placed third at the German Youth Nationals/ Junior B 2020.

He plans to continue to start in the Youth Class/ Junior B next season.

Eva Gerlach

International Adult skater (GER).

Eva won the Master Winter Games 2020 in Innsbruck in the Class Master Elite Ladies I.

She will continue Master Elite Ladies.

Alexandra Alscher

National skater in Junior B (GER)

Alexandra placed 3rd in Bavarian Regionals 2020 and German Nationals 2020.

Her Goal is to land her double Axel and triples to compete in Junior A next Season.

Ilona Berg

National skater in Silmut B (FIN).


Oona Berg

National skater in Minit(FIN).


Iisa Berg

National skater in Minit(FIN).