Warmly welcome

Peurunka Figure skating camp

We would like to warmly invite you to our Peurunka Summer figure skating camp in July/August 2020. The camp will be held in the Sport Institute Peurunka which is located close to Jyväskylä.

Registration is open.

We have following groups:

  • Junior/Senior (minimum 2 A &1-2 triple jumps)
  • Pre-Novice – advanced novice until 15 years (you need to do all double and working on 2 A & triple Jumps)
  • Novice B & junior B & senior B (double Jumps & working on 2 A & triple jumps)
  • Chicks (single jumps, axel and practice double jumps)
  • Beginners from the age of 5/6 years until age of 10 years (only single jumps and/or including single Axel)
  • Hobby from the age of 11 years (single jumps and or axel and working on double jumps)

For more information just write us. Form can be found below or just email to info@teammayervirtanen.fi.

Entry deadline: 31.03.2020. (After that we can no longer guarantee all places.)

Find the announcement for the camp and register


Best of the best

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great at whatever they want to do.” — Kobe Bryant

Alina Mayer-Virtanen

Figure skating coach

Alina Mayer-Virtanen is Bachelor of science in psychology. She was skating by herself for 24 years and represented Germany. The last few years of her skating career she skated at the international level in single skating. Alina is coaching single skating since 2013 in Oberstdorf, Germany and in Finland since 2017 as well. This year she will finish her Master degree in Psychology.

She speaks German, English and a bit of Finnish. 😉

Valtter Virtanen

Team doctor and allrounder

Valtter will be in the camp 02.08. – 06.08.2020. Valtter has participated in several European and World Championships in single skating. Valtter works part-time as a doctor for Keski-Suomen keskussairaalan and Seppälääkärit in Jyväskylä. But his main focus is still on figure skating. His big goal is to skate the Olympics 2022.

Valtter Virtanen will support the team as well.

Valtter speaks Finnish, English, German and Swedish.

Ádám Sólya


Adam Solya – just available from 27.07. – 31.07.2020 choreographer, dance. He is an international and Olympic Choreographer in Figure Skating. Adam as a professional dancer – actor, he is known about the remarkable way of using the classical ballet, modern dance and contemporary upper body movements in his choreographies. His acting experience adds a dramatic aspect to the interpretation of music and skating style of the skater. He was working in past 2 season with the students of Professor Alexei Mishin, like Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Sofia Samodurova, Evgenyi Semenenko, Alexander Petrov. His current students include Loena Hendrickx (BEL), Valtter Virtanen (FIN), Nikita Starostin (GER), Ann Christin Marold (GER), Kai Jagoda (GER), Paul Fentz (GER). Since 2010 he works as docent and house choreographer of the Royal Conservatorium Brussels.

Adam speaks Hungerian, English and Flemish.


Sirkka Kaipio

Figure skating coach

Sirkka Kaipio will be 27.07. – 31.07.2020 in our camp. She is a finnish high-level olympic figure skating coach, she is the head coach of Etelä-Vantaan Taitoluistelijat. She has all kind of different skaters, from the smallest to national champions and international skaters, incl. Worlds and Europeans. She is 9 times figure skating coach of the year in Finland and has Medal of Merit in silver with golden cross of the Finnish Sports (Finnish ministerium).

She speaks English, German, Swedish and Finnish.

Her motto is: “Work hard to learn more.”

Jorik Hendrickx

Figure skating coach

Jorik Hendrickx – 02.08. – 06.08.2020 IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS UNDER SUPERVISION OF AN OLYMPIAN! For years Jorik was competing at European and World Championships. a 4th place at the 2017 European Championships was probably his most successful result. Also winning the Olympic qualification tournament (Nebelhorn Trophy 2017) was a memorable moment! Jorik performed twice at the Olympic Winter Games, Sochi (16th) and PyeongChang (14th). Jorik, known for his exceptional skating skills and interpretation of the Music, is a perfectionist with a razorsharp eye for detail and technical elements. Firmly believing that only hard work and 100% dedication will make you achieve your goals. He is passionate to inspire and pass on his knowledge to other skaters!

He speaks Flemish, English and a bit German.

Pipsa Tuppela

Choreograph, dance teacher

She will be 02.08. – 06.08.2020 in our camp. She is a dance teacher who graduated as Master of Arts at the Theatre School of Helsinki in 2017. She is working with figure skaters in different clubs around Finland, on- and off ice, sharing her passion for music and movement after her own figure skating hobby turned into professional dancing career. In her dance lessons focus is on holistic teaching methods and finding positive pedagogy ways to bring the best out of every athlete.

She will do dance classes and choreography in our camp. Of course you can book her like every coach in our camp for privat sessions.

Pipsa speaks Finnish, Swedish and English.

Béla Papp

Figure skating coach

Bela participated in 4 consecutive Junior World Championships, 2 consecutive University Games as well as the 2011 World Championships. He is the 2011 Finnish national champion. During his career he won the national title at every single category. Bela is currently attending a Master’s degree program at the University of Jyväskylä.

Bela speaks Finnish and English.

Nina Välikangas

Physical educated instructor and a fitness coach

NINA is our off-ice support and she will help us during our camp.

Nina is the owner of Voimalavki. She is a physical educated instructor and a fitness coach from Finland. Her focus in coaching is injury prevention and working on weaknesses in a meaningful way. She will give all her support to the skaters off ice that they can benefit of it on the ice.

She speaks Finnish and English.

Paula Takala

Physiotherapist / Masseur

She is a physiotherapist since 1994 and is working with kids and adults. Her daughter is a figure skater and she works with skaters in privat sector.

Paula is using all kind of manual therapy methods, incl. kinesiology taping.

Paula speaks Finnish and English.

Heidi West

Physiotherapist / Masseur

Physiotherapist since 1999 and Master of Health Sciences since 2008, major physiotherapy, minor biomechanics and exercise physiology. She has worked with kids and adults in private sector and for the central hospital middle Finland. She was also physioterapist for a pre-novice synchro skating team in 2015-2016.

Heidi speaks Finnish and English.


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