Warmly welcome

We would like to warmly invite you to our 2nd Figure skating summer camp 2021 in Suolahti, in Central Finland. We are glad to organize the camp in brand new Äänekoski ice rink which has modern facilities and rink size of 58m x 28m. For the athletes, we are offering different practice packages for the different levels.

We have following groups:

  1. Junior/Senior/ SM-juniorit/SM-seniorit (minimum 2 A &1-2 triple jumps)
  2. Intermediate novice – advanced novice until 15 years/ debytantit, SM-Noviisit (you need to do all double and working on 2 A & triple Jumps)
  3. Junior B & Senior B & Adults /Juniorit/Seniorit/ Adult Master (min. 4 persons) (double Jumps & working on 2 A & triple jumps)
  4. Basic Novice / Novice B /Silmut A/ Noviisit (double Jumps & working on 2 A & triple jumps)
  5. Chicks/ Silmut B /Aluesilmut /Aluedebytanti/ Aluenoviisit (single jumps, axel and practicing /or including double jumps)
  6. Beginners / Minit /Tintit until age of 10 years (only single jumps and/or including single Axel and practicing double jumps)


Duration & amount of the practice per week

Group 1 – 5:

  • Technique on ice, includes steps and spins (10 x 50 min.)
  • Skating Skills / Expression (5 x 50 min.)
  • Dancing / ballet / dance workout (4 x 50 min.)
  • Athletics (5 x 50 min.)
  • Body recovery / Stretching / Yoga (4 x 50 min.)

Group 6:

  • Technique on ice, includes steps and spins (11 x 50 min.)
  • Dancing / ballet / dance workout (4 x 50 min.)
  • Athletics (5 x 50 min.)

The size of the groups for technique training on ice, will be max. 6 athletes per coach.

Prices per group:

Group 1: Junior/Senior (SM-Juniorit/SM-Seniorit) (minimum 2 A &1-2 triple jumps)

  • 1 Week: 550,00 €
  • 2 Weeks: 1.050,00 €

Group 2: Intermediate Novice/Advanced Novice until 15 years (Debytantit/SM-Noviisit) (all double jumps and working on 2A & triple jumps)

  • 1 Week: 550,00 €
  • 2 Weeks: 1.050,00 €

Group 3: Junior B/Senior B & Adults Master (Juniorit/Seniorit)(min. 4 persons) (double jumps & working on 2A & triple jumps)

  • 1 Week: 550,00 €
  • 2 Weeks: 1.050,00 €

Group 4: Basic Novice/Novice B (Silmut A/Noviisit) (double Jumps & working on 2A & triple jumps)

  • 1 Week: 550,00 €
  • 2 Weeks: 1.050,00 €

Group 5: Chicks (Silmut B/Aluesilmut/Aluedebytantit/Aluenoviisit) (single jumps, axel and practice double jumps)

  • 1 Week: 550,00 €
  • 2 Weeks: 1.050,00 €

Group 6: Beginners (Minit/Tintit) until age of 10 years (only single jumps and/or including single Axel and practicing double jumps)

  • 1 Week: 400,00 €
  • 2 Weeks: 750,00 €

If you book both weeks 12.-24.7.2021 and the last week in Peurunka 26.-31.7.2021 you will get additional 100€ discount!

In addition, we are offering following:

Extra offers:

  • Extra Ice/Patch / per day (just possible with a coach) + extra Coaching / Choreography costs (50 min./ 10,00 €)
  • Private Coaching on ice and off-ice (You can book this during the camp) (50 min./The price depends on the coach (50,00€ – 75,00€) excl. 10,00 € for the extra ice).
  • Extra Off-Ice at the group (Stretching, Body recover etc.) (50 min./ 10,00 €)
  • Polishing with Pipsa Tuppela or Adam Solya ((50 min.) excl. 10,00 € for the extra ice))

Choreography is separated from the practice package. If you want to have choreography with Adam Solya (advanced – novice, junior, senior level) or with Pipsa Tuppela (all levels), please contact us to reserve your place or if you need some further information. They will offer different packages for the different levels/categories. Ice patch is not included in choreography fee. (€10/session).

Important information

Accomondation and catering

July is really busy holiday time in Middle Finland and we recommend to book your accomodation as soon as possible. We are offering the possibility to book accomodation in the Old School which is located next to the lake and just few hundred meters from the ice rink. The walking distance is about 5 min to the ice rink. It is possible to book rooms for 1-3 persons. Animals are allowed. The Old school offers hostel level accommodation. All rooms have own bathroom. Each floor has shared kitchen.

The accomodation can be booked with or without full board through our catering service. Breakfast will be served in the Old school dining room “Suolahtisali” and lunch/dinner in the ice rink. The accomodation cost 23€ pro Person for a night and with full board 46€ per day.


There is also a hotel (Hotel Keitele) close to the ice rink which has limited room capacity. In the neighbor city there is other hotel called hotel Hirvi (https://hotellihirvi.fi/en/). About 15km towards south there is holiday resort (Varjola) (www.varjola.com/en/front-page) which offers cabins by the lake. There are also private providers for accomodation in the area. Please contact them directly.

For skaters who are living at home during the camp, we will also offer the possibility to book lunch and dinner which will be served in the ice rink. Lunch package for whole week Monday-Saturday will cost 60€. Dinner package for whole week Monday-Friday will cost 50€.


All athletes must purchase health insurance for the camp. In addition, we recommend acquiring travel insurance as well. Please contact your own insurance companies.


The organizer is not held liable for you or your health on or off the ice. All skaters who are under the age of 18 years should travel with a parent or guardian. For emergency cases, we have a doctor, MD-PhD Valtter Virtanen, in the camp. He will take care of the first aid if something happens to you during the practice sessions and will bring you to the closest hospital, if necessary.


Deadline for paying the practice package bill will be 14.04.2021. After this, your place will be given to the next in line.


In case of cancellation, a written form is required. We will charge 50% of the booking when the written cancellation is done 01.04. – 30.05.2021. After 01.06.2021 we will charge 100% of the booking.

For private coaching we will charge 100% of the booked patch and coaching fee if the cancellation occurs later than 48 hours before the planed session.

Other information

If you have allergies or medical conditions, please let us know. Your data will be treated confidentially.

There is also a possibility to book massage and physiotherapy in the camp. Please contact us directly.

Skating equipment and sharpening. https://www.facebook.com/skatesuolahti


Entry deadline for the camp: 31.03.21


Best of the best

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great at whatever they want to do.” — Kobe Bryant

Alina Mayer-Virtanen

Figure Skating coach

Alina Mayer-Virtanen is Master of Science in psychology. She was skating by herself for 24 years and represented Germany. The last few years of her skating career she skated at the international level in single skating. Alina is coaching single skating since 2013 in Oberstdorf-Germany and in Finland since 2017 as well.

She speaks German, English and a bit of Finnish. 😉

Ádám Sólya

Choreographer, dance teacher.

He is an international and Olympic Choreographer in Figure Skating. Adam as a professional dancer – actor, he is known about the remarkable way of using the classical ballet, modern dance and contemporary upper body movements in his choreographies. His acting experience adds a dramatic aspect to the interpretation of music and skating style of the skater. He was working in past 2 season with the studends of Professor Alexei Mishin, like Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Sofia Samodurova, Evgenyi Semenenko, Alexander Petrov. His current students include Loena Hendrickx (BEL), Valtter Virtanen (FIN), Jenni Saarinen (FIN), Nikita Starostin (GER), Linnea Ceder (FIN), Kai Jagoda (GER), Paul Fentz (GER). Since 2010 he works as docent and house choreographer of the Royal Conservatorium Brussels.

Adam speaks English, Hungarian and Flemish.


Aleksandr Smokvin

Figure skating coach

Aleksandr is available in Suolahti from 12.07 – 24.07.2021.

He is currently working as a figure skating coach in Tappara. He is experienced in work with competitive skaters on national and international levels. He has raised several winners of national competitions in Norway. His skaters represented Norway in Youth Olympic Games and European Youth Olympic Festival, Junior World Championship, ISU Challenger Series and ISU Junior Grand Prix. Aleksandr is committed to being up to date with current developments in the figure skating field and systematically strengthen own knowledge and qualifications. Over the course of many years he has been acquiring knowledge from Olympic Gold Medallist Coach Valentyn Nikolayev and worked as an assistent coach in his figure skating seminars/camps. Aleksandr has a Specialist degree in Olympic and Professional sports from National University of Physical Training and Sports in Kiev, Ukraine. In addition, he has furthered his education through ISU World Development seminars and projects in Poland and Finland.

Aleksandr speaks Norwegian, English, Russian and a bit of Swedish.

Valtter Virtanen

Team Doctor and Allrounder

Valtter has participated in several European and World Championships in single skating. Valtter works part-time as a doctor for Keski-Suomen keskussairaala and Seppälääkärit in Jyväskylä. But his main focus is still on figure skating. His big goal is to skate the Olympics 2022.

Valtter Virtanen will support the team as well.

Valtter speaks Finnish, English, German and Swedish.

Colin Chanski

Figure skating coach

Colin is available in Suolahti from 19.07- 24.07.2021.

Colin has over 25 years of coaching experience, 15 years in Finland previously in Cananda. He is the current head coach of Kuopion Taitoluistelijat Ry. Colins students are Worlds and international competitors and national finnish skaters.

Colin is a pair skating coach as well.

Colin speaks English and Finnish.

Béla Papp

Figure skating coach

Béla participated in 4 consecutive Junior World Championships, 2 consecutive University Games as well as the 2011 World Championships. He is the 2011 Finnish national champion. During his career he won the national title at every single category. Bela is currently attending a Master’s degree program at the University of Jyväskylä.

Bela speaks Finnish and English.

Thea Karlstad

Figure skating coach

Norwegian Senior competitive ice skater, that has represented Norway in international competitions. Is also a coach in one of Norway’s largest sports teams with more than 6000 members, where figure skating is one of thirteen different sports. Works both as head coach in figure skating and within the junior all sports coaching team

Thea speaks Norwegian and English.

Pipsa Tuppela

Dance teacher, choreograph

She will be 12.07. – 17.07.2021 in our camp. She is a dance teacher who graduated as Master of Arts at the Theatre School of Helsinki in 2017. She is working with figure skaters in different clubs around Finland, on- and off ice, sharing her passion for music and movement after her own figure skating hobby turned into professional dancing career. In her dance lessons focus is on holistic teaching methods and finding positive pedagogy ways to bring the best out of every athlete.

She will do dance classes and choreography in our camp. Of course you can book her like every coach in our camp for privat sessions.

Pipsa speaks Finnish, Swedish and English.

Nina Välikangas

Physical educated instructor and a fitness coach

NINA is our off-ice support and she will help us during our camp.

Nina is the owner of Voimalavki. She is a physical educated instructor and a fitness coach from Finland. Her focus in coaching is injury prevention and working on weaknesses in a meaningful way. She will give all her support to the skaters off ice that they can benefit of it on the ice.

She speaks Finnish and English.

Aleksandra Mikhailova

Aleksandra is doing stretching and body recover.

Aleksandra is a gymnastic teacher. She did many years gymnastic by herself. She works for Illusion in Vaajakoski.

She speaks Finnish, Russian and English.

Paula Takala

Physiotherapist / Masseur

She is a physiotherapist since 1994 and is working with kids and adults. Her daughter is a figure skater and she works with skaters in privat sector.

Paula is using all kind of manual therapy methods, incl. kinesiology taping.

Paula speaks Finnish and English.


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